Because of our unique restaurant design and environment, our location has been featured or used as inspiration for many Hollywood films and televisions projects. When location scouts need to transport their audiences to the Far East or just require a very authentic asian restaurant interior, our location has been a popular solution

The 2011 film version of “The Green Hornet™” filmed an action scene in the restaurant featuring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou.

Before the theatrical release of “Kill Bill: Vol. 1” in 2003, writer/director Quentin Tarantino was dining in Tokyo at a famous restaurant named “Gonpachi.” This was his inspiration for his “House of Blue Leaves” restaurant/bar where they staged the famous fight scene between Uma Thurman and Lucy Lui’s “Crazy 88’s”, a band of underground Tokyo gangsters.

The actual “House of Blue Leaves” was a two-story set constructed in China at the Bejing Film Studios. SHAN’s structure was the U.S. version of the Gonpachi restaurant, authentically built and recreated with the majority of the materials meticulously exported from Japan, with similar design accents and floorplans to Tarantino’s inspiration in Tokyo.